Way back in the 1940's Luigi's was known as Louie's Cafe, a tiny bar on the outskirts of Fresno on Blackstone, north of Shaw. There was a little kitchen in the back where Luigi's wife Lucia would make a pot of meat sauce for their macaroni. Lucia would hollow out a French roll and put the pieces of tender meat and sauce in it. One time she was eating this in the bar and a customer asked if he could have one. She made him one and soon more customers were asking for the 'Italian' sandwich. Well Luigi thought "Hey, I may as well make some money with this 'Italian' sandwich" so he started selling it in the bar. Well the sandwich became very popular as there was nothing like it anywhere around. After he changed the name from Louie's Cafe to Luigi's they put a sign on the front of the building that said "The Original Italian Sandwich" and underneath it "Fills U Up".

Home of the Original Italian Steak Sandwich...

...for 49 years

Founders Louie (Luigi) & Lucy...

...and their sons Tom & Hugo

Old aerial view of Luigi's (Blackstone just north of Shaw)

Luigi's Early 70's Menu

Luigi's Grand Re-Opening in 1980 after the fire of 1979

Luigi in New York City many, many years ago

The last weekend Luigi's bar was open (March 12, 1988)

Luigi's sign today located at Commercial Neon Inc in Fresno

Luigi and Tony having a little of the vino

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